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"Diagnostics and risk analysis" LLC (DAR LLC) was founded in 2008 by former experts of All-Russian Research, Engineering and Design Institute of Petrochemical and Oil refining industry (“VNIKTI Neftekhimoborudovanie” OJSC) and of “Orgenergoneft” OJSC. DAR LLC is an innovative multiple-field company that develops high technologies and applies them to the spheres of technical diagnostics, safety and risks monitoring.


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Our staff has 30 years of experience in technical diagnostics of hazardous production facilities. Our company employs top-professional researchers in technical sciences, physics and mathematics as well as certified and superior-grade experts qualified for determining residual life span of objects in:

  • chemical, petrochemical industry, oil refining industry;
  • oil and gas industry;
  • hazardous substances transportation.

All our specialists are certified to provide expertise and hold international certificates for non-destructive testing API 579-1/ASMEFFS-1 Fitness-For-Service, API580/581 RiskBasedInspection.

The Company has its own laboratory of non-destructive testing with equipment annually upgraded in compliance with industry requirements.

The Lab staff include 2nd and 3rd grade technical specialists certified in acoustic emission, vibration monitoring, visual and measuring control, liquid penetrant inspection (LPI), magnet and ultrasound testing.

The Lab is equipped with up-to-date testing devices and allows to meet any challenge in evaluation and assessment of operating condition and residual life span of industrial equipment and machinery of our customers.

Non-destructive testing is provided by specialists properly certified according to the System of non-destructive testing.

-          DAR LLC has modern equipment for non-destructive testing.

-          The testing is provided in compliance with technical standards for each object and each method confirmed by an authorized body.

-          DAR LLC has a well-developed Quality management system to secure objective, reliable and timely monitoring of the quality of materials, objects and products.


Our principles

-          Our approach to each client is tailored to recognize their unique circumstances.

-          We are honest, reliable and responsible partners.

-          Our client relations policy is designed to achieve the objectives by facilitating transparent dialogue.

-          We are strict on meeting deadlines and accuracy requirements for all the orders of the clients.

-          We are responsible for the result.

-          Our staff has high qualification.

-          We have creative approach to each project.

-          We love our job.